FaresHow much is the fare & how to pay

Khlong Saen Saeb Fares
Khlong Saeb Saep Ferry Fare

Buying a ticket for the Khlong Saeb Saep Ferry is easy. Tickets are bought on the boat, and range from 10b-20b depending on the distance. Ticket collectors will have change, but try to have small change to make it easier on you and the ferryman. Read below for more instructions.

How to pay fare:

1. Wait for ticket attendant

Board the ferry and find a seat. No need to hessitate. The ticket collecter will find you and tell you how much to pay.

2. Tell the ticket attendant where you are going

You must tell the attendant where you are going so he can calculate your fare. Don't worry too much, if you do not know how to say your destination, you can just pax the maximum and decide where to get off later. Telling the attendant where you are getting off also allows him to help you know where to alight from the ferry, but do not depend on the attendant to alert you to your stop as the ferry can be very busy

3. Pay the Fare

Pay the fare asked from the attendent. He will make change and issue small paper tickets depending on the distance. This is your ticket

4. Hold onto your ticket

If you are going to be getting off and transfering boats at Pratunam pier (the central transfer point near Central World) then you must retain this ticket to show on the next boat.


10b - 20b (less than $1 US)